Sunday, December 29, 2013

Photo Updates

Child prodigy - Larger images of his work at Woodbury.

Dona Drake - Various photos as Rita Rio and early Paramount publicity shots.

Ann Sheridan - Gown from Nora Prentiss.

Wardrobing at Warners - New costume images.

Journey to Africa - Larger versions of African paintings.

Valley of the Dolls - Premiere Cruise

Valley of the Dolls has the distinction of having the "World's Longest Movie Premiere," lasting twenty-eight days aboard the Princess Italia during it's maiden voyage - traveling from Venice Italy to Southern California. Members of the press reported on the six premieres for local media and dignitaries at stops on the voyage including The Canary Islands, Miami Florida, Nassau Bahamas, Kingston Jamaica, Columbia, through the Panama Canal to Acapulco Mexico before heading to Los Angeles.

A television special, Valley of the Dolls: A World Premiere Voyage, was produced to promote the film, but it seemed more like a cheesy travelogue spending more time on the exotic locations and shipboard amenities than actually interviewing the stars of the film.

Travilla is featured for just a few minutes being interviewed about his designs, though he is also seen in several other bits of the program. In one, he is shown wiping off the lens of his camera. Most probably the same camera with which he took these photos on the Acapulco to Los Angeles segment of the cruise.

Travilla poses next to one of the smokestacks

Travilla hidden in the shadows on the balconey of his hotel

Travillia poses with actress Patty Duke, Miss Duke's husband, and unidentified man.

Patty Duke an husband watch as Virginia Graham is filmed interviewing Sharon Tate.

Virginia Graham interviews Sharon Tate

Casual shot of Sharon Tate taken by Travilla.

Virginia Graham interviews Patty Duke

Virginia Graham interview author Jaqueline Suzanne

Actor Tony Conti on phone.

Actor Tony Conti relaxing on beach.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Dresses

While I try and come up with the next in-depth topic on Travilla, thought I would present a few additions to my ever-growing collection. I have purchased a mannequin, but not all dresses fit her, so using the images from where I obtained the item.

Very few photos of Travilla's late 1970s-1980s work, but this was one of the few and too distinct not to remember.

Late 1960s. One piece. Not a skirt, but pants. the amount of fabric in them is obscene. You'd think the mix of patterns would not work, but in person, it does.

Sweet little 1960s jacket with layered collar and interest cuff treatment - edited here due to modesty for the mannequin.

Diahann Carrroll in Julia and Sharon Tate for VOD fashion line.

A blue sleeveless and more formal "curly-hem" dresses. Late 1960s. Travilla first introduced the concept in 1965, but it didn't catch on. Three years later, would reintroduce the idea, using his film and television connections to promote them.

Photo - Julien's
Same material as the dresses above but with a simpler hem and collar with sating trim, this is from his Valley of the Dolls fashion line.

Photo - Julien's
Three of the dresses from Julien's. Early 1960s. Leather buttons on the far left. Simplicity in the center made of faille and an interesting blouse treatment on the far right.

Photo - Julien's
Center dress a variation on one in sketch and photo. Not exactly sure what the button hole in center of "x" is for.

Photo - Julien's
Harvest gold houndstooth patterned wool dress far left. Crepe dress in primrose yellow with sailor collar and sild with ecru and yellow dots. All 1960s.

Photo - Julien's
Short-sleeve day dress of silk bodice and wool skirt with diagonal stripes. Matching three-quarter sleeve jacket in matching wool. Need to re-create the neck and head wear for full effect.

Photo - Julien's
These two weren't sold, so I hope to add them to my collection. Also 1960s, a silk sleeveless dress with primrose yellow floral lace overlay and matching jacket on left with a plaid skirt suit with double-breasted cropped jacket and high-waisted skirt.

Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm Back......with Presents!!!!!

Last month on November 8, contents from the Travilla Estate went up for auction, with another group of items sold in an on-line only sale the following Monday. While I wish I could have bought everything, I managed to snag a few items that I'm very pleased to add to my collection, hopefully to be displayed at some point for the public to enjoy. Currently they are still in California, awaiting my arrival to retrieve them.

Photo - Julien's
Travilla's personal scrapbook from the 1940. I had no idea this existed in the Estate's archives. Pages upon pages of articles and images of his earlier work that he felt was important. This will go quite far in filling in the gaps of my research. I'm especially excited about the color versions of the sketches - hopefully there are more than just those pictured.

Sketch  photo - Julien's, others - My archive.
It seems a large group of sketches were discovered since I photographed a visual inventory which was frustrating as there were some stunning ones I'd never seen before. Out of grouping of ten, I found one that goes to a dress in my collection. 

Photo - Julien's
That particular dress is the retail version of one Travilla created for Diahann Carroll, worn when she appeared with Frank Sinatra on television. That sketch is top row, second from left in the group of Carroll sketches now owned.  The sketch bottom row far right is for the dress worn in the photo below from my archives. Such an intricate garment created for literally 3-4 minutes of screen time.

Photo - My archive.
Next to that sketch is what became known as the "Julia dress." Travilla designed an exact duplicate for his daughter Nia to wear to her high school graduation, as well as for retail. The sketch bottom row far left was for an outfit for another television appearance and the garment was for sale, but I reluctantly let it go to another buyer. I had my eye on another piece, one I have a bizarre and strange connection with.

Robe - Julien's, others - My archive.
The Julia robe. Having "discovered" it's provenance, I've always held this piece pretty much above all the others in the collection. In a previous thread, Travilla specifically mentions creating this robe, based upon a design for one from Valley of the Dolls.

Photos - Julien's
As was this near copy of the dress worn by Barbara Parkins in VOD as the "Gillian Girl." The beading is so heavy, the top of the dress is shredded and can only be displayed laying down. but just look at that detail.

Photos - Julien's
The "Mrs. Hughes" referred to in this sketches is actress Jean Peters who Travilla designed for both in film and personal life. Mr. Hughes' first name was Howard.

Photos - Julien's
Knowing how much Travilla loved Africa, and having admired his talents as an artist, I now have two pieces of his personal work and one of the photographs from which he drew his inspiration. I'm hoping to locate and add the other to complete the "set." The painting on the right is over 4 by 3 feet in size.

Photo - Julien's
After finishing the Jeanne Eagels project, I plan on starting one on Travilla's wife of over forty years, starlet Dona Drake. With over 350 photographs (just a partial selection shown above) from her personal archives and her rather interesting life, should be a good read.

Also aquired several dresses circa 1960 which compliment the others I have from my favorite era of his. Those photos to come later.