Monday, December 22, 2014

The Dog Ate my Homework! No...Really.

Truthfully, my attention has been pulled in so many different directions, that I could only stare at the desktop folder labeled "Travilla", filled with great images and information just waiting to be written and uploaded for everyone to enjoy, and then sigh in exasperation.

Just no time.

But now, the most pressing of those matters is now working its way through the chain of command at the publishers Bear Manor Media. I haven't a clue as to a release date, but all the photographs are sized and captioned and the only left after put into galley form is final corrections and index. Final page count would be well over 200 depending upon font size. Manged to locate over 150 photographs, many of them quite rare and more than a few in full page size (approximately 9" H by 6" W.)

Another issue impeding my relocation to the West Coast also seems to be resolving itself and I might be cross-country before my Spring birthday.

And, I have been attempting to organize the entries in a more concise way which means rebuilding the blog offline before "premiering" it all at once. Lots of cutting, pasting and editing.

So it probably won't happen until a couple of weeks into 2015, but things will pick up again and who knows in which direction we'll head.

There are so many to choose from.

Happy Holidays.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travilla's Television Resume

Season 9 Part 2 (17 Episodes)
- Blast from the Past
- Hello... Goodbye... Hello
- Thrice in a Lifetime
- Serendipity- J.R. Rising
- Nothing's Ever Perfect
- Just Desserts- Masquerade
- Sitting Ducks- Overture
- Dire Straits- Missing
- Shadow Games
- Blame It on Bogota
- The Deadly Game
- Twenty-Four Hours
- The Missing Link
Knots Landing
Season 7 Part 2 (17 Episodes)
- The Longest Night
- Thicker Than Water
- His Brother's Keeper
- A Change of Heart
- Arsenic and Old Waste
- The Legacy
- Phoenix Rising
- Distant Rumblings
- High School Confidential
- Irrevocably Yours
- A Very Special Gift
- A Key to a Woman's Heart
- Friendly Enemies
- Alterations
- The Confession
- Web of Lies
- Unbroken Bonds
Berrenger's (12 Episodes)
-For Gloria's Benefit
-Of Boardrooms & Bedrooms
-Fame & Misfortune
-Dangerous Ground
-Power Play
-Best Laid Plans
-Roll Tape
-Hidden Agenda
-Party Favors
Season 9 Part 1 (14 Episodes)
- Curiosity Killed the Cat
- Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
- En Passant
- The Prize
- Suffer the Little Children
- Close Encounters
- Quandary
- The Wind of Change
- Mothers
- Saving Grace
- Resurrection
- Those Eyes
- The Family Ewing
- Rock Bottom

Season 8 Part 2 (16 Episodes)
- Swan Song
- Deliverance
- Deeds and Misdeeds
- The Ewing Connection
- Terms of Estrangement
- Sentences
- The Verdict
- Trial & Error
- Dead Ends
- Shattered Dreams
- The Brothers Ewing
- Sins of the Fathers
- Legacy of Hate
- Bail Out
- Winds of War
Lockup in Laredo 

Knots Landing
Season 7 Part 1 (13 Episodes)
- Aftershocks
- All's Well
- To Sing His Praise
- Rise and Fall
- Until Parted by Death
- Pictures at a Wedding
- Awakenings
- A Question of Trust
- A Little Assistance
- The Christening
- While the Cat's Away
- Here in My Arms
- The Longest Day

Knots Landing
Season 6 Part 2 (18 Episodes)
- The Long and Winding Road
- Vulnerable
- One Day in a Row
- A Price to Pay
- Four, No Trump
- For Better, for Worse
- A Man of Good Will
- The Forest for the Trees
- A Piece of the Pie
- The Deluge
- The Emperor's Clothes
- Rough Edges
- Fly Away Home
- Lead Me to the Altar
- Out of the Past
- Inside Information
- #14 with a Bullet
- Weighing of Evils
My Wicked, Wicked Ways... The Legend of Errol Flynn
Dallas (14 Episodes)
- Odd Man Out
- Deja Vu
- Do You Take This Woman?
- Barbecue Five
- Charlie
- Shadows
- Oil Baron's Ball III
- Homecoming
- Shadow of a Doubt
- Family
- Jamie
- If at First You Don't Succeed
- Battle Lines
- Killer at Large
Knots Landing (12 Episodes)
- Uncharted Territory
- Distant Locations
- Message in a Bottle
- We Come Together
- Tomorrow Never Knows
- Love to Take You Home
- Truth and Consequences
- Ipso Facto
- A Little Help
- Hanging Fire
- Calculated Risks
- Buying Time
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Thorn Birds
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Evita Peron
Moviola: The Silent Lovers
Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War
Moviola: This Year's Blonde
She's Dressed to Kill

Julia Season 3 Part 2 (12 Episodes)
-Kids Is a Four-Letter Word
-Cousin of the Bride
-Cool Hand Bruce
-Toast Melba
-Courting Time
-Strictly for the Birds
-Corey's High-Q
-Paper Tigers
-Swing Low, Sweet Charity
-Anniversary Faults
-The Gender Trap
-Anyone for Tenants?

The Governor and J.J. Season 2 Part 1 (13 Episodes)
-And the World Begat the Bleep
-Ben and Her
-Read That Leg to Me Again
-Run Ballerina, Run
-File Safe
-Fawcett Is Running
-Maid for Sara
-Check the Check
-The Making of the Governor
-A Day in the Life
-Twice in a Lifetime
-P.S. I Don't Love You
-From Here to Maternity

Julia Season 3 Part 1 (14 Episodes)
-Ready, Aim, Fired
-Half Past Sick
-Little Boys Lost
-Altar Ego
-Thanks Again
-Kim an' Horror
-Magna Cum Lover
-Bowled Over
-Long Time No Ski
-Smoke Scream
-Parents Can Be Pains
-Essay Can You See?
-That New Black Magic
-Two for the Toad

The Governor and J.J. Season 1 Part 2 (12 Episodes)
Once Upon a War
Never Judge a Book by Its Naked Cover
The Last Weekend
The Tic Toc Tale
Luv the Guv
Bye, George
Abe Lincoln Slept Here
Son of the Bride
The Governor Gets the Chair
The Return of Doctor Livingston
Charley's Back in Town
Second Opinion
Julia Season 2 Part 2 (17 Episodes)
-Temper Also Fugits
-The Prisoner of Brenda
-The Dates of Wrath
-The Jolly Green Midget
-Sioux Me, Don't Woo Me
-Charity Begins with Chegley
-Father of the Bribe
-Call Me by My Rightful Number
-Gone with the Whim
-Charlie's Chance
-I'll Be Yours
-The Divine Devine
-Sara's Second Part
-Corey for President
-The Switch Sitters
-Absence Makes the Heart Glow
-Bunny Hug
The Governor and J.J. Season 1 Part 1 (14 Episodes)
-The Second 1st Lady
-There Go the Judge
-Romeo and J.J.
-One Little Indian
-Cat on a Hot Tin Mansion
-The Butterfly Man of Alcazar
-Come Fly Without Me
-Rhyme with Reason
-My Good Friend, What's His Name?
-Springtime for Maggie
-State of Reunion
-Bunky's Buddy
-The Governor's Portrait
-Profile in Discourage
Julia Season 2 Part 1 (13 Episodes)
-A Tale of Two Sitters
-The Wheel Deal
-The Undergraduate
-Two's a Family, Three's a Crowd
-Tank's for the Memory
-For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls
-You Can't Beat Drums
-Tie Wolf
-Romeo and Julia
-The Grass Is Sometimes Greener
-The Eve of Adam
-So's Your Old Uncle
-Hilda's No Help
Julia Season 1 Part 2 (15 Episodes)
-How Sharper Than a Baby's Tooth
-Matchmaker, Break Me a Match
-Dancer in the Dark
-How to Keep Your Wig Warm
-Sticks and Stones Can Break My Pizza
-A Little Chicken Soup Never Hurt Anybody
-Wanda Means Well
-Cupid's No Computer
-I Thought I Saw a Two-Timer
-It Takes Two to Tangle
-Home of the Braves
-A Baby's a Nice Nuisance
-Gone with the Draft
-The Doctor's Dilemma
-Love is a Many Sighted Thing

Julia Season 1 Part 1 (15 Episodes)
-Mama's Man
-The Interview
-Sorry Wrong Number
-Housework isn't Homework
-Loneliest Night of the Week
-Who's Afraid of Ginger Wolfe?
-Am I, Pardon the Expression, Blacklisted?
-The Champ is No Chump
-Too Good to Be Too Bad
-Paint Your Waggedorn
-Farewell, My Friends, Hello
-The Solid Brass Snow Job
-Designers Don't Always Have Designs
-I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas
-The One and Only, Genuine, Original, Family Uncle

The Loretta Young Show

The Loretta Young Show

The Loretta Young Show

Travilla's Film Resume

Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
The Big Cube
The Secret Life of an American Wife
Boston Strangler
Valley of the Dolls
Signpost To Murder
Take Her, She's Mine
The Stripper
Mary, Mary
From the Terrace
Bus Stop
The Proud Ones
23 Paces to Baker Street
The Revolt of Mamie Stover
The Bottom of the Bottle
The Lieutenant Wore Skirts
The Rains of Ranchipur
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
The Tall Men
The Left Hand of God
How to Be Very, Very Popular
The Seven Year Itch
White Feather
There's No Business Like Show Business
Black Widow
The Raid
The Gambler from Natchez
Broken Lance
Garden of Evil
Princess of the Nile
River of No Return
The Rocket Man
Hell and High Water
Three Young Texans
Man in the Attic
King of the Khyber Rifles
How to Marry a Millionaire
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Pickup on South Street
The Farmer Takes a Wife
Powder River
The Girl Next Door
Down Among the Sheltering Palms
Bloodhounds of Broadway
Monkey Business
Don't Bother to Knock
She's Working Her Way Through College
Lydia Bailey
The Pride of St. Louis
Viva Zapata!
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Meet Me After the Show
Take Care of My Little Girl
Half Angel
On the Riviera
Bird of Paradise
Woman on the Run
American Guerrilla in the Philippines
I'll Get By
Mister 880
No Way Out
The Gunfighter
Panic in the Streets
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
Mother Didn't Tell Me
When Willie Comes Marching Home
Dancing in the Dark

Leaves Warner Brothers for 20th Century Fox

Flamingo Road
The Inspector General
Look for the Silver Lining
April Showers
Two Guys from Texas
Adventures of Don Juan
Good Sam
Silver River
My Wild Irish Rose
Always Together
The Unfaithful
Escape Me Never (Ballet Costumes)
That Hagen Girl
Cry Wolf
Love and Learn
Nora Prentiss
The Beat with Five Fingers
The Verdict
Night and Day (Dance Costumes)
An Angel Comes to Brooklyn
Ever Since Venus
The Woman of the Town
Two SeƱoritas from Chicago
Redhead from Manhattan
The Desperadoes
Two Yanks in Trinidad
White Cargo
All-American Coed
A Night at Earl Carroll's

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dancing in the Dark 1949 - Betsy Drake

Updated Version.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Loretta Young

Loretta has that 'inside' feeling about each gown she wears, and she thinks straight beauty. 1960 Interview

Half Angel 1951

In the glamorous part of her dual personality, Miss Young's wardrobe designed by Tavilla would do credit to a Paris couturier's best efforts. Her evening gowns negligees and street dresses are in the most modern style and as set off by the Technicolor cameras, they will delight women and will be particularly intriguiing to the men, especially the V neckline.” Half Angel review 1951

Pale gold wool crepe top with satin lining, ¾-length sleeves and crisscross-over snap
collar. Front zip closure.

Miss Young is completely fetching ina smart wardrobe designed by Travilla...

1953-60s The Loretta Young Show

"No woman in Hollywood can do to a gown what Loretta Young does to it. She can make a dress tell the story that the designer has conceived...absolutely the most fantastic woman I have ever known...with her, a dress is a script, and she knows exactly how each one should be played."

Dresses were loaned for screen credit at the end of each episode. Young was allowed to keep three of every 18 dresses, paying for any extra gowns desired by the actress for her personal wardrobe.

“I am more than happy with this arrangement. I get the gowns back in perfect shape. Loretta uses no body make-up to rub off on them but more important is what she doest for my gowns. If I were to pay just for the air time consumed by Loretta's entrance in my creations, it would cost me $20,000 a week.” 1958 Interview

New Year's Eve 1954, Technicolor employee Bunny Seidman wore a head-turning red gown designed by her friend Billy Travilla for the Loretta Young Show to a friend'a party. "Travilla told me to wear it," Seidman says. "He said they didn't need it any more for the rushes." Althought Travilla was not at the party, a competitor, Orry-Kelly was. According to Seidman, Kelly hated Travilla and constantly accused him of stealing Kelly's designs. "Orry would get pissy-assed drunk," she said. "He came over to me and said, 'That's the most gorgeous gown I've ever seen. Did Michael Novarese do it?' When I told him Travilla had done it, he spilled his drink all over me. It was a disaster. I called Travilla the next morning to tell what had happened, and as luck would have it, he said the DID need the red gown for the rushes. he told me to take it to a specific dry cleaners, but the wouldn't touch it. Finally, Travilla had to send down dressmakers to redo it by ten a.m. Of course, I didn't tell him that I'd also slept in it!"

from Mike Connolly and the Manly Art of Gossip by Val Holley

1957 Dinner dress of saffron chiffon and peau de sole.

Burnished gold - 1961 
White silk - 1961

Halter dress in black silk - 1961
Ivory gown overlayed in green velvet - 1961

“The brighest fashion-minded woman I ever knew was Loretta Young. She had the ability of being Mrs. Tom Lewis and then analyzing herself as Loretta Young in the mirror. She would look directly at me and say, 'Bill I'm not so sure I like Loretta.' Or we would run screen tests of clothes and she would say 'I'm not sure Loretta loks her best there. No, I don't think that's our girl.' and the discuss herself as if she was another person. What an ability! She always looked right and she always was right.” 1979 Interview.

Friday, August 15, 2014

June Haver

Warner Brothers

Look for the Silver Lining (1949)

Celadon green sleeveless V-neck dress accented with stripes of silver bugle beads, gathered waist skirt, front slit and pale green chiffon along front, waist, sleeves and back train. Hook & eye zip and snap back closure. 

The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (1950)

Two costumes for June Haver in "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady" (1950).

Twentieth Century Fox

I'll Get By (1950)

The Girl Next Door (1953)

Black ribbed satin shorts with black netting horizontal striped top trimmed with black satin cord along neckline, simple bow, faux pearl with rhinestone ends. Hook & eye with zipper bottom closure and self-covered buttons on top.