Monday, December 22, 2014

The Dog Ate my Homework! No...Really.

Truthfully, my attention has been pulled in so many different directions, that I could only stare at the desktop folder labeled "Travilla", filled with great images and information just waiting to be written and uploaded for everyone to enjoy, and then sigh in exasperation.

Just no time.

But now, the most pressing of those matters is now working its way through the chain of command at the publishers Bear Manor Media. I haven't a clue as to a release date, but all the photographs are sized and captioned and the only left after put into galley form is final corrections and index. Final page count would be well over 200 depending upon font size. Manged to locate over 150 photographs, many of them quite rare and more than a few in full page size (approximately 9" H by 6" W.)

Another issue impeding my relocation to the West Coast also seems to be resolving itself and I might be cross-country before my Spring birthday.

And, I have been attempting to organize the entries in a more concise way which means rebuilding the blog offline before "premiering" it all at once. Lots of cutting, pasting and editing.

So it probably won't happen until a couple of weeks into 2015, but things will pick up again and who knows in which direction we'll head.

There are so many to choose from.

Happy Holidays.

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