Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Travilla quotes on Marilyn Monroe

"She was the most feminine woman, the most perfect girl I'd ever known. I can't remember a flaw." - September 1990 L.A. Times

"She was a special lady, and no one's ever going to copy her. They can try, but no one has ever been able to do it." - March 1983 Lakeland Ledger

"The day that I met Marilyn Monroe, although she was only a 'stock actress', I knew she had the quality to become a great star. She had everything in the world the public wants--the youth, the beauty, an exciting sex quality, coupled with that adorable childlike appeal. The tremendous sex symbol she became, along with her childlike quality which takes the harshness and obviousness off straight sex, was evident at that first meeting." - September 1969 Daily Herald

"There was a time when Marilyn would walk into the studio cafe and everyone would look at her aghast. She had a greased-look effect. I was so beatnik, so awful, so planned. But she never failed to turn a head. She taught me that if a woman wants to look awful, she should look real awful." - Austin Herald August 1961

"There was a sunburst-pleated gold-lame gown that I had designed for 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.' Since the material was not too solid, Marilyn wore a flesh-colored slip under the dress in the film. Some months later, she decided to attend the Photoplay Awards in that dress, but without the slip. Since she had put on a little weight, she had to have a high colonic before she could get into it. When she arrived that night, undulating her posterior, it was really a scandal." - September 1980 L.A. Times

"She does something to clothes that does something to men." - December 1954 Walter Winchell column

"I'm going to have my precious baby standing over a grate. I want her to look fresh and clean. The dress was cool and clean in a dirty, dirty, city" - September 1990 L.A. Times

"If you've ever know paradise, that was Marilyn." - September 1990 L.A. Times

"Underneath that, Marilyn wore Marilyn." - 1981 L.A. Times

"Marilyn was two people. One would come in for a fitting, giggling and darling. She'd sit in my lap like a 5-year-old girl. Then, in a split second, she'd be the most sensuous woman who ever lived." - September 1990 L.A. Times

"I wish she had called me when she was in her deep depression, I think I could have helped her." - September 1969 Daily Herald

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