Monday, January 28, 2013

Valley of the Dolls - Patty Duke and Barbara Parkins


"Neely O'Hara - the ingenue. Another of the thousands of hopefuls who dream of stardom. She's a working showgirl, perfectly natural, full of zip, clawing her way to the top. Couldn't care less what she's wearing. It's a different story once she's made the grade, and then it is that she's high fashion."

Duke at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
A dashing Travilla with Duke at Dorothy Chandler.
Played by actress Patty Duke, most well known for her role as twins Patty and Cathy Lane on "The Patty Duke Show." Duke told one reporter, "When I stared this picture and knew Travilla was designing a wardrobe just for me, I got ambitious and reduced to eighty pounds. And Travilla didn't disappoint, Patty, dressing her in a $6000 coat worn in New England snow scenes, and the lattice-work fabric for her Grammy award scene costume costing $150 a yard (in 1967 dollars!) The actual dress is at the Hollywood History Museum in the old Max Factor Building in Hollywood California. It may or may not be on display.

Alternative costume sketch to one chosen below. Similar to one  with Travilla in promotional photo.

2-2013: Dana from concettascloset on esty contacted me and sent the photographs above of Travilla's private label version of Neely's outfit in the sketch above. A truly stunning piece with amazing beading at the collar. It's currently available along with other great vintage clothing from other designers at 

Photo of Neely's wedding dress shown below.

An alternative wedding dress sketch to one chosen.

Travilla poses with author Sussan and Duke at the 1968 Academy Awards. Duke is wearing one of  her costumes from "Dolls."
"Anne Wells is a shy, clean-cut typical American girl who comes to New York from a small New England town. Not interested in show business - all she wants is a job. Her entire manner, her behavior, her very way of life must be exemplified as much by the way she dresses as by the way she deports herself. She's an honest, forthright human and that's the way I designed her clothes - honestly, simply, attractively in the best of taste."

Barbara Parkins, another television actress from "Peyton Place" played Anne and didn't necessarily agree with Travilla's choice in costumes, stating on the voice-over commentary for the Valley of the Dolls DVD that she thought he was brilliant at making exquisite gowns, a master, the rest of the clothes were "questionable." Parkins felt her day wear wardrobe was beige, beige, beige. Too Boxy. Completely wrong for the settings and especially hated her beret, referring to it as "a mushroom growing out of her head."

Parkins and Hayward.

Doesn't look beige to me...
Nor this...
Travilla with Parkins in something she likes.....maybe.

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