Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valley of the Dolls - The Gillian Girl Commercial


Though she bitched about beige, Barbara Parkins certainly had her moment to shine when her character's discovery and transformation into Gillian Cosmestics new "Gillian Girl" is covered in a two minute montage of the actress (though a few I'm not sure it's her) in approximately sixteen different outfits accompanied by a lush Andre Previn instrumental score. The link below should cue up to where it begins in the film.

Travilla's notation on the sketch changes the color of the bow to yellow, shown in the montage below. I'm pretty sure this is NOT Parkins, but one of Travilla's house models.

An entire outfit designed and they use a headshot!

Interestingly enough, the jeweled headpiece and dress worn by Parkins in the far left shot is a costume Travilla designed for Anne Jackson to wear in "The Secret Life of an American Wife" as shown in the sketch below. Quite Audrey Hepburn in the last shot I must say.

Mistakenly being sold as from "Valley of the Dolls" due to the image from the film and mis-identified as Sharon Tate most probably from this photograph which was taken during one or more photo shoots. Tate tried on this and two of Hayward's costumes which are posted in the Garland entry.

Sold at auction for $1000+
Sold at auction for $2000.
Same fabric used in Garland sketch.
Mis-identified and sold as Lee Grant but is actually Barbara Parkins.

The first, third and fourth outfits from above sketches.
Labeled "Julie" but definitely from "VOD".

Dress on display in Palm Springs 2009. Beading makes it too heavy to display on a mannequin for very long as it stretches the delicate under-fabric.

Unused outfit and shot from filming.
Enlarged version of sketchs on desk in front of Travilla.
Sketch underneath seated man's hand is dress worn by Parkins below.
Sketch for dress Parkins wearing in this scene above.

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